What's lying just below the surface of your data?

Since 1977, Microstat has been one of the fastest, most accurate, user-friendly, general-purpose statistical packages available on the market.

Any statistics package worth its salt should give you the correct answer for a given set of data. The big difference is how you get to those answers. Unlike many packages that force you to learn a programming-like language, Microstat for Windows is a point-and-click solution to your statistical needs... no programming language to learn, no macros to type in, no formulas to memorize. Instead of spending weeks learning how to run a statistical analysis, you can spend that time doing your analysis. Microstat is so easy to use, most users don't even bother reading the manual! (We don't advise this, however, as Microstat has a lot of features that aren't obvious from just looking at the display. For example, read about the the normal distribution to get an idea of some of Microstat's less obvious features.)

Microstat's ease of use was a key reason the US Air Force picked it as their statistical package of choice way back in 1984! The new Microstat is even easier to use, making it perfect for every statistical need, from classroom to boardroom.

You can examine the basic Microstat features by clicking on the menu options shown on the left side of this page. All options present a screen shot for the procedure selected. A shareware version of Microstat is available and is perfect for students. (If you like the package and can afford it, we ask for a donation.) The Professional version has the same feature set, but is not restricted by the number of cases or variables.

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